2022 Auto Show notes: part 1…

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First, while not as great as in the past, the Los Angeles Auto show was much better than the one last year. At least, most manufacturers did show up (Although why not Cadillac???)

The new 2023 Toyota Prius does not disappoint in person… It just looks great. The interior is also very nice and roomy, doors feel solid. They will probably sell tons of these…

On the other hand, the redesigned 2023 Honda Accord does not impress. It just looks old. There’s nothing ugly about it, but it really looks like something you’ve seen before. Everywhere. 10 or 20 years ago…

Another “old-looking new car” is the 2024 Subaru Impreza. Again, not impressive in person at all. And again, something we’ve seen over and over for years.

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  1. The Prius is a big plus for Toyota. My only complaint is the lack of rear passenger air vents and other interior colors.

  2. The Accord for some reason doesn’t have available AWD, while most of its competitors have it. The Civic should also have it. The HRV needs the Civic’s turbo at least as an option. Yes, the North American Honda cars are on the slow side for advancement.

  3. 100% ! I never thought I’d be considering a Toyota for a new car… especially over a Honda… but I AM! They did a great job on the design of the Prius.

  4. If the 23 Accord still had the 2.0T/10 spd auto, I wouldn’t hate it. The more I see of it, I actually kind of like it’s proportions.

    The Prius I still can’t believe though. Wow!!

  5. I truly love the new Prius design. I’m disappointed in the Prime’s EV range, but am actively thinking of how to change my daily routes to better justify getting this beautiful machine.

    The bz3 compact SUV is handsome, too. It looks like what Buick should have done. If Toyota keeps these design coming, it will take the automotive world.

    Note to Akio-san: Put the team who designed the new Prius in charge of all future vehicles and fire the others.

  6. NEVER thought I’d lust for a Prius (or most Toyotas, for that matter). This new Prius changes my mind. WOW!

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