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2023 Honda Accord

The new 2023 Honda Accord seems to be well-received by the press in general. The cleaner design seems to please most journalists who’ve seen the car in person. But, at least in photos, it does remind a lot of people of other cars. Older ones.

To me, the profile is very reminiscent of the 2024 Audi A6. Although not the greenhouse thanks t a different rear side window design. The Ford Fusion is also quoted often as a similar design. And I can see why.

Many car designs look similar, but we are talking about a 2023 Honda, looking like a 2004 Audi and a 2013 Ford. It seems the new Accord could have been a 2013 model looking just fine and not futuristic at all 10 years ago or even more. Which is sad and says a lot about current car designs as well as current car buyers’ tastes.

Does the new Accord remind you of other, older cars?

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  1. I think this is a very clean design and should age well. Designing a car with the purpose of just being different has been disaster in the past. For example the Pontiac Aztec, the last Buick Skylark, and the Nissan Juke.

  2. agree, while the new Accord design is cleaner and has less weird styling details, it’s also quite generic and similar to cars from 10 if not 20 years ago. Also, check out those tail lights, very very similar to the ones on the Lincoln Aviator SUV


  3. I think the new Accord look nice. Cleaner, yes. Better, not too sure. But they definitely did not make it worse. And in this day and age, the a big net positive.

  4. There’s one thing I’m seeing a lot of – not just this Honda – that drives me crazy: the loss of a fog light option. I’m sure its about cost and the rationale is that LEDS are so much more advanced that fog lights aren’t needed. To which, I say ‘BS’. I use fog lights regularly NOT FOR FOG, but because they typically enhance the lateral lighting range. For those of you who live in deer country, that means seeing those buggers BEFORE they break cover and run in front of your car.

    FOG LIGHTS, Honda! Add them to the accessory lists. Every car I buy has and will have them.

  5. I see the last Chevrolet Impala that was produced and the VW Passat in the Accord’s new exterior design. I also see the Mazda 6 in certain elements. However I still think the 21 Mazda 6 was more attractive. If only Honda would have seen fit to leave the 2.0T powertrain as the upgrade engine.

  6. To me i looks to simple and old! This is not an improvement! This is going backwards!! And i hate hate hate the fact that they drop the 2.0T with the 10 Speed transmission! Not everyone likes the CVT and not everyone wants a Hybrid and now to even get a Touring it has to be a hybrid. I used to love the Accord but this one just killed that love! And honestly would consider better the new camry coming out
    Or the updated Sonata

  7. Probably not a good thing that all the sedans people are comparing the new design to (Fusion, Passat, Impala, Mazda6) have all been dropped due to flagging sales. Is Honda purposely trying to kill the Accord in favor of their SUVs?

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