2023 Toyota Prius: US Prime version…

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The version pictured here is the XSE Prime model for the US. Which is probably the top-of-the-line PHEV Prius in North America.

These are the first photos I’ve seen of the US version. And there will be better ones soon. I’m really curious to see the interior in another color than black. And the cargo area with the hatch open.

So far the new Prius looks like a huge leap forward. Again, more very soon…

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  1. Wow, Toyota absolutely nailed this one. Looks like the previous generation designers have been fired!

  2. With Corolla Hybrids now offered with AWD and the Crown with similar but more power offerings I am not sure where the Prius fits. Don’t forget they are starting to sell the BZ4x as well.

  3. Toyota knocked it out of the park with the new Prius. Fortunately, despite the improved design, it still is fully recognizable as a Prius. The only thing I question is front end visibility with the steep windshield rake, and high vertical instrument cluster in front of the driver. Reminds me of the 8th gen Civic in that regard.

  4. My question is more focused on headroom. Will humans in the 6′ range be able to sit in front or rear seats?

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