2023 US Toyota Prius Prime XSE: new photos…

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These are photos of the US version of the new Toyota Prius for 2023. Probably all of the sportier XSE models. The PHEV model will still be called Prime in the US.

We don’t know much more about the US Prius yet. It is supposed to be available as a regular Hybrid with over 190HP, or the Prius Prime with over 220HP. The Prime is expected to get an improved EV range. But still just around 40 miles. AWD is still available, but not on the Prime version.

While the interior does look like a huge improvement over any of the past generations, I really hope they do offer it in a different color than all-black. But that’s just me…

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  1. It looks absolutely great. It’s very disappointing that the Prime has only 40 or so miles of EV range and doesn’t offer AWD. I was really hot on the idea of getting one, but those two factors may prevent me from doing so. Great job on your reporting, Vince.

  2. Yes, the seat colors need to be ‘enlightened ‘ as the exterior has been. Otherwise it looks too dark like the Dark Ages, lol.

  3. Damn sucks that it won’t go on sale in Australia. And apparently the UK will miss out on it too.

  4. If you watch the official Toyota video that goes over trim breakdowns, it states that both black and gray interior colors are available across the line up. Another thing I learned from the same video is that all claimed performance numbers are gathered while using “premium fuel – 91 octane or higher”. That, and both the built in Google services (Maps, Assistant, etc) and the over the air updates are “subscription” services. I’m really excited about the new Prius, but I don’t want to be nickle and dime-ed to death in perpetuity during ownership.

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