2024 Mazda CX-90: new teaser…

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Yes, this is just a couple of days before the Los Angeles Auto Show. But there is no Mazda Debut scheduled. At least so far…

Which means the all-new CX-90 will have to wait a bit longer. We’ve seen most of it in a video posted a while ago. And it always looks like a longer CX-60. Which already looks old IMO.

The CX-90 will also be in a tough spot considering Mazda’s moving upmarket. Will it compete with the Nissan Pathfinder or the Infiniti QX60? A new 3.0 Liter Turbo inline 6 is great, but will it be that much better than the larger smooth V6s offered in the competition? And mostly, will potential buyers care? Or even notice?

Mazda seems to have bet everything on the new CX-90 and the upcoming CX-70. From what we know, it could be a tough fight.

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