Dodge Charger Daytone SRT Concept: new color and info…

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I actually cannot wait to see this car in person.

Of course, they currently try to appeal to buyers of the current HellCats and V8 versions. Dodge is trying to make the case that an EV can be a muscle car. Sure, good for them.

But for the rest of us who don’t need or want 700 or 800HP, this has the potential to be a really nice and practical EV.

The wheelbase seems huge, making the car look more like a sedan than a coupe. This actually means the rear seats could be quite roomy. And the cargo area is quite big with the rear seats folded down. On top of that, it’s an actual hatchback. Since it looks pretty big, you could probably sleep in this thing. The glass roof is also great.

I think it has a much nicer interior than the 2024 Mustang. Sure, the tablets are still there, but they are much nicer and better integrated into the interior design.

The chart above shows a base trim with 455HP. I think it’s still too much. The current base HP for the V6 Challenger/Charger is around 300HP. Something under 400HP would be great, also probably cheaper and more efficient. I really think there is a market for a reasonably powerful, great looking, roomy, and practical 2 door EV. One with over 300 miles of range.

They can do it. But will they?

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  1. I’m in two minds about the styling – is it too retro?

    But as Stellantis has gone down that path, it’s great they’ve leaned into it and given us tires with actual sidewalls rather than 23-inch wheels and licorice straps!

  2. To make an electric motor put out just 300 HP vs 455 HP is almost no work and cost almost no extra money. So there is almost no point in them putting out a lower power motor. And it won’t use much extra battery range either. People are still thinking like gasoline engines where to get more power, you typically bore it out (more machining) or add on parts (supercharger, turbo, sometimes both). All those things cost money. In the EV world, it is typically a few lines of code and simply the way the electric motor is tuned.

  3. I think this vehicle will morph into a 4-door when the production version emerges. The roofline looks like it is better suited for a sedan than a coupe.

    At least this vehicle doesn’t look like some anonymously generic looking appliance like most other EV’s tend to look. I credit Dodge and Stellantis with trying to keep some identity, excitement, and passion in the design.

  4. Many of the FCA now Stellantis recent previews are place holders in fact the Jeep Grand Cherokee S hasn’t even got a name. the Hurricane hybred versions may well be in the base line products along with the pure EV versions, 375 seems to be Ma Mopars prefered HP figure since the 300 of 1957. I figure we’ll gradually see more production ready versions and be prepared to see some Lancias.

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