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Nothing political. Just the right thing to do if you value basic human decency in the 21st century…

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  1. I didn’t use mine much but I did the same thing. Not going to be associated with a platform like that.

  2. The entire social network philosophy became all about (self)”ego” and using your personal information against you. Zuckerbug used it also as a political tool to withhold information. And celebrities used it to sell their skin for money and fame. What is so different under Musk?

  3. hmm..
    Decency: behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.
    whose “accepted standards” and how is Twitter in conflict with them now that Musk owns it?

  4. Adrian, those that removed their profile of late tend to side with the Left. The old Twitter gave them a platform to peck at. The extreme very far right are also problematic. If you have ever seen some of the posts on GAB, it is truly disgusting. I find all forms of social media disgusting and should be banned. That’s why I love cars and pets more than people and their BS politics.

  5. @GO Wayne.. thank you! Agree that extremes are bad. Don’t know what GAB is… I just love cars and design and always used this site as a ‘go to’ in the morning while having my espresso. Started my day on am positive note, versus reading the emotionally charged stuff on “social media”.. I’d rather argue about good/bad/poor car design instead of “accepted standards” of behavior.

  6. Vince, I’ve been a loyal fan of yours for many years. I love cars and I love the great work you do.
    One thing I was never able to understand was why actors, singers, models, etc., felt that they have to tell you how to vote or what party you should be affiliate.
    By doing so they loose about half of their fans. Just stay quiet and do what you get pay to do.

    SO VINCE, why for the love of GOD, why do you have to get political?
    If you delete any account, who cares. Keep it to yourself please. I’m just saying.
    I don’t do FB, Twitter of any social media platform or any of my three kids.

    I have accomplish a lot in life, do you think by announcing your decision, someone like me, in my position, will start hating Twitter?
    Vince, please stick of what you do really well.
    We love you just the way you are.

  7. “Nothing political. Just the right thing to do if you value basic human decency in the 21st century…”
    What does that mean Vince? Is there any killings going on, massacres, where?

    Sad, really sad. Please stay out of politics my friend. Don’t ruin a good thing.

  8. People come on, Vince has the right to say what he wants, it is called free speech. Whether you agree with him or not he has the right to express himself. The day we loose this basic right we have lost this country.

    Lets focus on the one thing we have in common here, our passion for cars and the great content that Vince brings us.

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