New Ford EV: another teaser…

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Just a few hours after teh first teaser, we get this new photo.

This is the head of Ford Europe, Martin Sander, almost uncovering the all-new EV. It will be the first result of a Ford/VW partnership and will use the same platform as the ID.4. We will not see the new car this year, but probably in January.

It is so far, a European product. And no words yet about the possible sale in North America, where it would be a welcome replacement for the aging Ford Edge. You would think the partnership could give them access to VW’s US plant in Tennesse. It would be nice to be able to get an electric Ford for less than the $47 000 Mach-E. Since the ID.4 is about $10 000 less.

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  1. I wonder if this is really about two things: 1. Ford having massive battery demand for the Lightning F150 and 2. VW realizing that BEVs just means there’s even LESS people in the US that want a VW. Not enough, and too much have come together.

  2. I always hated these sheet teasers. Just show me the whole thing or not at all. I’m ok with the shadow teasers, but I just want to rip the entire blanket off.

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