New Mengshi 917: the extroverted Hummer’s Chinese cousin…

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This new Mengshi SUV from Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng makes anything else seem tame.

There are enough lines here to design about 10 other models. It’s basically all over the place. (The logo alone seems so aggressive). Although, after the initial shock, it seems almost OK. There’s something about it…

Apparently, this is an EV. Powered by 4 electric motors for a total of 1000HP!

The 917 is actually the upcoming production version of the M-Terrain concept shown last August. Which is, oddly enough, even more aggressive looking!

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  1. When Porsche first showed the 911 it was called the 901. #0# was the property of Peugeot in a lot of markets. They owned a 3 digit # with 0 as the middle #. Porsche hastily changed it to 911 so they could sell in those markets. A lot of early 911 parts had 901 in the #.

    917 is an iconic Porsche race car. “If” this thing was to be sold around the world, I wonder if VW, who owns Porsche would have something to say about it.

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