2024/25 Toyota Bz3X: new illustrations…

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The new illustrations show us what a production version of the recent Bz Compact SUV could look like.

I saw the concept in person a few months ago and, except for the interior, it does look ready to go. As the illustrations show, it wouldn’t take much to turn it into a production model.

The real thing would logically be called bZ3X since it is smaller than the bZ4X. Since the bZ4X starts at around $42 000, this would logically be priced closer to $35 000. Something smaller and a bit lighter (and lower) could also get a better range than the bZ4X’s 252 miles maximum range. It looks really good in person. If Toyota can find a way to build these in the US, it could give them a chance against the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV.

It seems the sub-$40 000 EV market will be heating up really soon…

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  1. The Bz3X set at the $40,000 mark would be nice. If the production model looks less cartoonish than the illustrations and more like the concept, Toyota will be successful. My feeling is that Toyota is waiting for solid-state or sodium-based batteries to move ahead in the EV game. Plus prices for batteries will be less expensive making room for Toyota to make a profit. It’s a shame the BZ4x is more or less dead on arrival.

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