2024 Genesis GV80 “coupe”: new spy photos…

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The Genesis GV80 is getting a new “coupe” model for the 2024 model year. It has been rumored for years. I even posted an illustration (bottom pic) almost 2 years ago.

The new body style will be introduced as part of a mid-cycle refresh for the Genesis SUV. A while ago, an electric version was rumored as well. We’ll see if that happens or not. Although they did come up with an electric G80 sedan and GV70. So why not…

The GV80 has been getting excellent reviews all around since it came out. Which only translated into a bit above 20 000 sales in 2021. That doesn’t compare very well to the 65 000 Mercedes GLEs sold that same year. And is especially bad against the 115 000 from the Lexus RX.

I guess old habits are hard to brake, and no matter how good the newcomer is, it is still a very tough battle against established players and famous name brands…

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  1. Remember when Lexus had to fight their way through? They just need to keep up the good work!

  2. What’s the point in this when they already have the GV70?
    Also Genesis announced last year that they were going to be a full EV brand by 2027. So GV80 ans GV90 should be going electric.

  3. the GV80s would be so much better as ICE-hybrids instead of separate ICE and electric models. If you compare to the RX, which ones are selling better – the ICE RX or the hybrid?

    I’m not a fan of the “SUV Coupe” look, always thought it was nonsensical but apparently that does not matter to the buyers… in that case, I’d make the greenhouse of the GV even MORE coupe-like, similar to the original X6/GLE Coupe to differentiate it from the regular GV with the wagon body.

    while at it, and if not too expensive, I would also change the front end a bit to make it more “sporty”, again similar to the original X5/X6 pair

    but hybrid is key.. Genesis has great interiors (and exteriors), beautiful fit and finish, the cars are great to drive. Improve the fuel economy and you have a winner and can push beyond 20K units sold/year

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