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The current Chrysler Pacifica started production almost 7 years ago. While it still looks fine, and actually still modern, Chrysler is indeed planning its successor.

The 7-year-old model is still quite popular, considering Minivan sales, in general, aren’t what they used to be. Chrysler sold around 75 000 of them last year. Which is about the same as the newer Honda Odyssey.

Like everything else these days, the next one will be electric. And like almost every upcoming Stelantis product, it will probably use the “STLA Large” platform. (The new Ram 1500 EV uses the larger body on frame “STLA Frame”). Unlike the VW ID.Buzz, Chrysler will not play the retro card with the next Pacifica. And it won’t look like a retro-futuristic version of the 1984 Dodge Caravan. (although that would actually be pretty cool…)

Even though it is entering its 7th year soon, the Pacifica is Chrysler’s newest model. Chrysler is planning to be a full EV manufacturer by 2028. Which is almost meaningless since they only have 2 models. The old 300 sedan and the Pacifica. 2023 is the end of the road for the 300. Which means Chrysler will only have one model to sell until the new 2025 Airflow sedan arrives. The new Minivan will probably come out soon after.

I do like the Airflow, but I think it will not look very modern in 2 years. (The Kia E 6 already looks more futuristic). Plus, Chrysler has been starved of any new models for 7 years and is basically not on the map anymore. Almost no one is actually thinking of Chrysler when considering a new car. Stelantis has a monumental job to do to revive the old brand that was almost destroyed by Sergio Machionne. (And good luck with that…). At least, the Pacifica is still popular. And obviously still relevant for people looking for a Minivan. I also don’t see Honda or Toyota coming out with EV versions of their Odyssey and Sienna any time soon. At least not before Chrysler. Which will end up having the market to itself. Except for the retro ID.Buzz.

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  1. The biggest worry is why by a ugly Pacifica Electronic Van when you can get a Kia EV9 when minivans are no cheaper than crossovers and offer 3rd row anyway without sacrificing the ugliness of a van? It’s smarter to make a EV CUV on the Ram Platform not this. So what if Chrysler would compete with Jeep. Still a better decision if they want to keep Chrysler alive.

  2. I know carmakers are being pressured to create EVs. Countries in Europe and Asia are driving much of this. BUT, I’m a little tired of the all BEV focus. It sure would be nice if the tech and efforts they put into that also yielded fruit on the HEVs side. I know Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are pushing this, but it sure feels like those efforts ALSO are slow to adopting better tech due to the “its not an EV, and we dont want to put any development dollars into ICE”. Its kind of the middle child that gets no love, but has potential to have greater impact than the other two in the next 10yr. I mean, just look at how many cars brick from Tesla due to weather or some other nonsense. And while I’m being completely pessimistic, I’ll also mention all this integrated entertainment and engine software/over the air updating with the power to be a complete failure due to the next big internet malware. THIS nonsense is why cars are so much more expensive – not because of chip shortages. I honestly wish I could get a car without one of those fixed tablets inside it, but I know thats a fools wish.

  3. If it is an EV, why such a LONG front overhang like that of a FWD ICE van? Make it make sense, please.

  4. In my opinion, the future is cars for hydrogen cells that produce electricity in the car, without these heavy and dangerous batteries. In my opinion, the model itself looks great, I would bet on nice colors like the one from the photo, bottle green, nice metallic brown, or the so -called champagne color.

  5. Everything is becoming a 1-box generic EV. They need to differentiate Pacifica more–NOT just ev the current body. I’ve owned 7 Chrysler or Dodge minivans and loved the versitility of tons of room and stow-n-go flexibility. They need to improve on what they have; refine it. NOT “change-for-the-sake-of-change” it. I’ll biy my next Pacifica the instant it can pull 4000 lbs; has 30-way massage seats and HUD. And is a Hybrid. (4wd prefferably). I bought a Lexus to get those things but would trade it in a heartbeat for a Pacifica as soon as Chrysler “catches up” to vehicles in the same $59k- $75k price range!

  6. I currently drive a 2019 Pacifica Hybrid.
    On my most recent tank of gas I went 2550K or about 1600 Miles.
    It was mostly city driving, without the range anxiety of longer trips.
    I truly believe PHEV is the future, eliminating emissions from cities but
    providing the ICE as back up when needed,
    A fulyl electric Pacifica may put me on the sidlines, which is a shame because
    I love everything about the car

  7. I can’t wait for EV Pacifica. Our current Town & Country is fantastic, but the FWD platform can’t handle any more than the 283hp it has, and it’s a little soft and top heavy at freeway speeds. AWD, better weight distribution, more power, stow’n go seats, and no more gas stations sounds perfect.
    An SUV doesn’t have the versatility, ease of access to the rear seating, space, or the interior height required to carry our two E-Bikes.
    BTW, I am a major car enthusiast and the other cars in our garage include a 550-hp Jaguar F-Type R, and a BMW 650i X-Drive Gran Coupe, but the minivan is choice to drive 80% of the time.

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