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Like most new VW designs, the next-generation VW Tiguan will look a lot like the previous one. And pretty invisible.

Now looking a little bit more like the larger VW Touareg. With a sprinkle of Audi Q5. Basically, a mix of everything we’ve seen before.

The 2024 Toguan will be the last ICE Tiguan. And the next generation will be an EV, of course. The I.D Tiguan. Since VW has decided to keep their previous names like Golf and Tiguan for their upcoming electric models. Just adding them to “ID”. Like ID Golf or ID Tiguan. Something that will probably just last a few years before they all revert back to their usual, Tiguan, Golf, and Passat old names. Which is just a bit ridiculous. Something Mercedes is also doing. By dropping their new “EQ’ names as soon as next year.

As you can see, the new Tiguan illustrated above looks like it might just appeal to the fans of the current generation. The same platforms and engines are expected of course.

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  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this was that the Golf has finally gotten larger. I kind of thought that was always its issue in America – its size (an of course, VWs terrible service and reliability reputation). What are your thoughts on the name changing thing – EQ, ID… ? DId Mercedes decide to drop the EQS name ASAP because they were getting terrible press on the models themselves? (see the Savagegeese review). I think Lexus was smarter by not losing their brand identity with the RX series by naming their electric the RZ. I would think RXe would have been even better.

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