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While GM keeps showing us new EVs from Chevrolet and Cadillac (3 new Cadillac EVs are coming this year alone), GMC seems to be left out.

So far, we’ve only seen the Chevrolet Silverado’s close cousin, the Sierra EV. (and of course the crazy Hummer EV) And that could change very soon. GMC is rumored to be working on a new family of electric crossovers based on GM’s Ultium platform. They will concentrate on more obvious off-road-oriented versions. Basically, at the opposite of what Buick will be doing using the same platform. An electric Ford Bronco competitor could logically come from GMC first.

It will also be competing with Jeeps’ upcoming Recon EV. Which looks a lot like the Wrangler and will start production next year. I’ve also heard a rumor about GM trying to push GMC to a wider audience. As it is currently mostly a North American product, besides Mexico, Korea, and the Middle East. I think it’s almost a waste. Just look at how popular Jeep is everywhere. GM should really take GMC worldwide.

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