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Cadillac has just announced it will unveil 3 new EVs this year. With the production of the new models starting in 2024.

This is not a surprise since GM had announced a couple of years ago that all new Cadillac models in the US would now be electric. The Lyriq isn’t enough for a whole new lineup.

We’ve already seen prototypes of a smaller model driving around. Which seems to be about the size of a Chevrolet Equinox EV. With a similar silhouette. The new compact (pic 2) will be cheaper than the Lyriq. On the other end, a larger 3-row crossover would make sense as well. (pic 3)

As we know, Cadillac is also working on a few new models under the Escalade name. Of course, a super large EV SUV would be an obvious “Escalade EV”. But also a more compact model as well (pic 1). This new Escalade series would offer a more conservative approach than the regular Cadillac EVs like the Lyriq. There are also rumors of a sleeker, lower-wagon type.

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  1. I would love a small/medium Audi A4/Tesla 3 size sedan. People will buy sedans if they’re electric. Give us a business sedan that’s classy af and the latest tech that’s not huge or too expensive.

  2. GM seems to be able to translate their specific style pretty well into a more modern interpretation. And the cars look like their concepts – which is great, because they’re pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind having that midsize(?) wagon. But again, it needs to be a hybrid/PHEV, not a pure EV for me. It would be great if they pulled from their relationship with Honda to bring PHEV drivetrains options into Cadillac. Maybe Honda (read: Acura) would even learn something from them.

  3. The last illustration is HOT! I can only hope the real thing (whatever that “thing” is) looks like that!

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