2024 Ferrari Roma Spider: official.

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The fantastic-looking Ferrari Roma can not be ordered as a new convertible. Which looks equally great.

You get the same V8 engine with 620HP. You can activate the soft top at s[eeds up to about 35MPH. And it even has rear seats! Although they might only be roomy enough for a couple of child seats.

And maintenance is covered for 7 years! What’s not to love? The price, that’s what’s not to love. As the coupe version already starts at over $247 000. Which is already a pretty gross amount to spend on a car…

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  1. I’ll take the coupe, thanks (but if a convertible appeared in my garage overnight, I wouldn’t complain that much)!

  2. Sometimes, Ferrari makes really beautiful cars. This is one of those. Growing up, I was in love with the 308.

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