2024 Ford Explorer EV.

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The all-new 2024 Ford Explorer EV isn’t an Explorer. The new model doesn’t share anything with what we know here as the “Ford Explorer”. Pretty much like the Equinox EV isn’t just n electric version of the Equinox. Same thing for the Blazer.

The new Explorer EV is a European market-only model. At least so far. And it is based on the same platform as the VW ID.4, as the result of a deal with Ford and VW a few years ago. that same partnership will result in a second, smaller model soon as well.

I actually like the design better than the VW ID.4. I think Ford did a great job, inside and out, and the Explorer EV looks totally different from the VW ID.4. The interior is really simple, with pretty well-integrated screens. Something VW seems to have a lot of trouble with. Although it seems the Explorer EV is using the same stupid sliders as the VW. As well as the same buttons on the steering wheel. Things VW has been harshly criticized for. And also things they previously claimed to be fixing soon. I guess the new Ford is too early to get the fixes…

At around $48 000 to start in Europe, the Explorer EV is a lot cheaper than the Mustang Mach-E. At least in Europe where the Mach-E starts at over $60 000. In the US, it would basically be priced similarly to the VW ID.4. And would give Ford a great entry in a slightly lower part of the market.

No official specs yet, but the range and power should be the same as the VW.ID4, or very close. European buyers will be able to order the new Explorer EV at the end of 2023.

I’m not sure about all the logistic problems, but this is a real shame Ford won’t be selling this over here. This is exactly what they need. More affordable 5 seater electric SUVs are coming in from everywhere soon, except from Ford.

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  1. Firstly, I think Ford did a great job with this. It looks great inside and out and most people wouldn’t know it was related to the VW. This vehicle should do well for them.

    That being said, you are right that isn’t an Explorer. The two examples you share of Equinox and Blazer at least make sense as the EV versions of those vehicles are the same basic sizes and classes as the ICE ones, even though they are different. This “Explorer EV” is a lot smaller than our ICE Explorer and in a whole different class. This vehicle should have probably been named the “Kuga EV” as that is what it most closely resembles in size and class. IMO this would be perfect as a replacement/adjunct for the Escape here in the U.S. and could be sold here as the “Escape EV”. I’m not sure why Ford isn’t going to bring this here. It seems like a missed opportunity.

  2. Love the design and how it does not look anything like the VW. I don’t get the name though, why use Explorer? No other names in the vault? It’s confusing

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