Buick Electra E5: better pix.

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Buick Electra 5
Buick Electra 5
Buick Electra 5

These are just better versions of the interior photos I posted earlier showing the interior of the all-new Buick Electra E5 EV.

This is the first Buick EV based on GM’s Ultium platform. And it may or may not come to the US. I personally think it will. Since they had said the same thing about the Envision years ago. And again with the upcoming Avista.

The design of the screen looks great. It’s not just a rectangle tablet stuck on the dashboard. The whole interior design looks like they put a lot of effort into it. Unlike the exterior, unfortunately.

If sold in the US, it probably wouldn’t be cheap since its cheaper Chevrolet cousin, the Blazer EV already starts at around $45 000.

We’ll see…

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  1. Hi Vince,
    Thank you for sharing these photos.
    But you should have said the upcoming “Envista,” rather than “Avista.” (Avista was the concept car of a few years ago.)

  2. I like the interior, it looks upscale, nice design and fit & finish. Let’s hope it’s like that in real life. the bottom (side) picture is the most telling, the screen is not flat but nicely curved towards the driver but not too much to isolate the passenger. I quite like the headrest design, looks comfortable and safe in case of an accident. Not crazy about that empty space in front of the console, I get that it’s for purses but I never liked having unsecured items low in the cabin, especially close to the pedal space where they could fall and impede access to the brake pedal at the wrong time. Overall, great job to the Buick design team, not sure what the exterior looks like but the interior is a winner! For the Electra name, it would have been great to have a large car (not SUV!), almost a cross between sedan/SUV stance (see RR, Bentley)

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