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It seems everyone has been talking about an upcoming smaller and compact Tesla model coming soon. Which of course, will happen because it has to if the company wants to expend.

But a big part of the puzzle on the way to an even more popular Tesla company could be a new model slotted between the Model Y and Model X. Larger and roomier than the Model Y and much cheaper than the luxury $100 000 Molde X.

It doesn’t have to be as roomy as a Kia Telluride to be a hit. There is a huge market for people to move up from their current Model Y. Especially since the Y is now priced at $55 000. There is tons of room between the Y and the X. A larger, roomier, and more upscale crossover starting at under $70 000 would be a huge hit for Tesla since the smaller Model Y became a sales phenomenon while priced at $66 000.

I sat through hours watching Tesla’s investors’ day a while ago and was, like many, waiting to see new products that were never introduced. The only product “news” was when a seemingly high (or just stupid) Elon Musk answered a question about reaching the 20 million car production a year goal by 2030. This is probably impossible since Toyota and VW are currently producing around 10 million cars each. Tesla would have to pivot into a much cheaper car manufactured and add many models, and that would still probably never amount to 20 million cars a year.

A dazzled Elon Musk claimed Tesla wouldn’t need that many models to achieve the crazy number. ” I don’t know… Not many… Maybe less than 10. I don’t know…”.

10 models is a lot. It’s more than what Honda is currently offering in the US. More than Mazda. That’s even more than Ford if you don’t consider their commercial vehicles. 10 different body styles is a lot, which is something Musk doesn’t seem to realize.

While they will probably never sell 20 million cars a year, Tesla will still have to become an affordable car company in order to grow. The new Mexican-built compact model will be a huge part of that expansion. But I really think another model will be needed soon. As I mentioned, something above the Model Y is a logical progression.

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