2024 Mini: new spy shots.

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These brand new photos of the next Mini Cooper S actually show the exact same model we saw back in late 2021, caught in China. (We also saw the interior back then)

The blue car caught in Los Angeles is still an electric model. Which means it is built in China. As far as we know, there will be a new electric mini as well as a new ICE model. As well as a new Countryman and an all-new EV-only Aceman. The all-new EV version will get a larger battery and an EV range of around 240 miles on the European test cycle. Even if it ends up being only a bit over 200 miles here, it will be a massive improvement over the current model’s 114 Miles EPA. It looks like Mini went to a lot of effort to make sure the next Mini looks even less like a mini than ever before.

The clamshell hood, round mirrors, Typical mini rear lights, and door handles are all gone. The new rear lights have a weird triangular shape that doesn’t seem to be reminiscent of any classic Mini design cues. At least the headlights still have a circular shape, and somehow, the overall design still does look like a Mini. If you still want all these classic Mini details, I suggest you rush to your Mini dealer right away, since the prototype caught in L.A. looks ready to go…

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  1. It’s not even out yet and it’s time for an Emergency Refresh. This Design has no Character to it.

  2. I wonder if there have been some EV issues that have delayed this so much, it seems like this should have been released last year yet still hasn’t been officially announced. Or maybe BMW just prioritised getting the iX out first but it seems like Mini is taking a backseat to getting new products. I’m looking at the Fiat 500e which was announced in 2020 and was sold later that year. Mini should have had this model slotted for a 2021 release.

  3. I feel like this car should have been released about 2 years ago, the Fiat 500e was announced back in 2020 and started selling later that year, how is Mini so far behind, my guess is BMW kept reworking the electrical system or just delayed development until they got more premium EV cars out like the iX

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