2024 Lexus TX.

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This is the very first teaser for the all-new Lexus TX.

The TX is basically a more luxurious version of the new Toyota Grand Highlander. With its own design and interior but exactly the same proportions. At least Toyota has been putting a lot of effort over the years to make the Lexus ES look as different as it can from the Toyota Camry. But it seems the TX will look a lot like the Grand Highlander. This probably doesn’t really matter, since Lexus dealers have been asking for a large 3-row SYV for many years.

Since it will be so closely related to the Grand Highnalder, you can say goodbye to the super smooth V6 and hello to a bunch of large 4-cylinders and Hybrids.

I bet a loaded Grand Highlander is already pretty luxurious, and I’m not sure what the Lexus version could add.

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  1. What could a Lexus version add? Aside from better design, quality and standards, how about never having to go to a Toyota dealership!?! Have you ever taken a car into service at a volume dealership? They are horrible! I’ll take my minivan-in-disguise in for service at Country Club Lexus, thank you very much! For real though, the ownership experience of a Toyota is very poor compared to that of a Lexus. In fact, even owning a Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi does not stack up to Lexus. You have to go up to like Bentley and stuff to get better than Lexus. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Lexus brought the industry loaner cars, shuttles, certified pre-owned, dealers that care… Mercedes-Benz meanwhile is still breathing in the same air over and over again on recirc. It’s very stuffy at a Benz dealer.

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