2024 Toyota Alphard

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The Toyota Alphard has always been ugly. But this all-new generation is pushing the envelope of how hideous a car design can be.

This is basically indescribable. Just when you think Toyota cannot do worse, they do. But again, the Alphard has always looked grotesque. Inside, it’s also quite a mess. Which is expected after seeing the exterior. And of course, the seats seem pretty luxurious, like all those high-end minivans offered in China. I think GM does a much better job at this with the new Buick GL8 and Century minivans. Yes, they are over the top, but much more pleasant to look at than this.

There is just no excuse for something like this in 2023. Anywhere.

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  1. It’s almost like a cartoon version of a minivan. (Only nobody’s laughing.)

  2. They stick different front ends on depending on the country. None are great. But, they must have determined that the home market likes the looks. The Vellfire version they sell in the China, while not a looker, looks a lot better. Don’t be someone who believes their culture is the only way. Companies exist to make money, not products. If this look sells more, then it’s the right look for the market.

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