Acura Integra test drive coming up

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I am driving a new Acura Integra this week and will report on it in a few days.

It is a loaded A-Spac model with a 6-speed manual transmission, priced at $35 800 plus $500 for the Liquid Carbon color and $1095 for destination & handling. For a total of $37 395. That is about $2000 less than the Accord Hybrid I was driving last week (before the destination and paint option).

The Integra is based on the Civic (although it is a larger car). A loaded Civic Sport Touring hatchback 6MT is about $4000 less than the Acura. (Although the Integra uses the slightly more powerful engine from the Civic Si. Not available as a hatchback).

Is the Acura worth the premium over the Civic?

Yes and no…

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have about the car.

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  1. I personally have always preferred the Civic Sport Touring Hatch design better than the Integra. The proportions of the Integra just seem kind of off to me. The fact that it cost so much less is kind of a no brainer imo. I even prefer the Civic Type R to the Integra Type S. The wide body integration is so much better in the CTR, compared to the tacked on fender look of the Acura. However, I do wish the Type R had a rear wing delete option. Then it would be pretty much perfect.

  2. Same here. all they needed to do is to have a toned down (look wise) version of the CTR. But I heard the Integra is selling well.

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