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Next-generation Chevrolet Bolt Illustration

Just a few weeks ago it seemed the Chevrolet Bolt was dead. And GM had announced the end of the current model’s production.

But the end of production never meant the Bolt was dead forever. And GM announced a new generation just a few days ago. It will of course use the newer Ultium batteries and is widely believed to be based on the Ultium platform used in all new GM EVs. However, it seems GM might use an upgraded version of the current platform in order to save costs. At the same time, using Ultium batteries and technology which are around 40% cheaper to produce than what’s used in the current Bolt.

I don’t think this will matter to anyone. If GM can keep the car under the current $26 000 base price and improve range and charging speed, everyone will be happy. This will also allow them to compete directly with the upcoming compact Tesla model. The new Tesla will be produced in the new factories in Mexico and India for a rumored base price of $24 000 before incentives.

It seems GM will be in a great position to compete. I haven’t heard anything concrete about sub- $30 000 EVs from Ford, VW, Hyundai, or anyone else.

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