2024 Acura ZDX

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As we already know, the new ZDX is the Honda Prologue’s more luxurious cousin. Being based on GM’s Ultium platform it is also closely related to the new Chevrolet Blazer EV.

It will be offered in S-Spec or S-Type version. Strangely, there is no Base model below the A-Spec, something Acura offers on all their other models. That could be related to GM’s recent decision not to build base models of the Chevrolet Blazer EV. Which is too bad.

The A-space, not the base model, will be available in RWD single motor or dual motor AWD. With 340HP or 500HP. All versions use the same battery rated at up to 325 miles range for the RWD model, 315 miles with AWD, and 288 miles for the S-Type with 22-inch wheels.

Prices will start at around $60 000 for the A-Spec and around $70 000 for the S-Type. All models come with an 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, and Apple Car Play, and Android Auto. Unlike their GM cousins.

I think the design is fine and does look “Acuraish”. Although there’s a lot of cheap-looking black plastic trim front and rear. At $60 000 before incentives, it’s actually almost the same price as an FWD RDX A-Spec, if you include federal and state discounts.

This means we will probably not see a next-generation RDX…

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  1. At least the range is much more competitive here than Lexus’s first effort. I see alot of hearse in that window treatment, but will wait to reserve my final verdict. The MDX to my eye is much more appealing, inside and out so far.

  2. I wouldn’t count a new RDX out yet… as a ICE-hybrid – I don’t care WHAT Acura said before. Acura has to have vehicles to sell (of any kind). The fact is that people dont yet come to Acura or Honda for a EV. So that sell is gonna be tough. Made even tougher by this luke warm entry. I was really cheering for Acura but this is design is bad: 1 – Lower bumper plastic design looks cheap AF and WAY too much fake plastic airscoop “detail” for an EV. 2 – The rear quarter view looks like a hearse… from the 70’s. and 3rd nail – again with the monochromatic black interior finishes and cheap finishes, particularly that lower/middle dash! This ZDX is going to come out of the gate like turd. Flop and just lay there. Better get your hybrid RDX moving, Acura. This ZDX should have been named DOA.

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