2024 Toyota Land Cruiser: more photos

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Well, it definitely looks like Toyota will offer different types of headlights on the new 2024 Land Cruiser and I’m not sure why. The round ones look so cool on the blocky design.

We’ll just have to wait a little longer to have the official answer. I also wonder about the price, since a new 4 Runner is also in the works and this isn’t as big as the old Land Cruiser. The current 4 Runner seems to go from $40 000 to over $50 000 already…

So far also good…

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  1. on netcarshow.com, the model with the square lights is shown as the US model. Perhaps the round lights are for Europe, Asia etc

  2. For the signature Land Cruiser look, the 1958 grade features the iconic round LED headlights and “TOYOTA” heritage grille, while Land Cruiser grades upgrade to slim, rectangular headlights reminiscent of the FJ62.

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