New EV Minivan

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Chinese manufacturer Xpeng is working on what looks like a very modern-looking electric minivan.

Minivans are still very popular in China and most manufacturers offer at least one. Even brands like VW and Buick are into the lucrative Minivan game in China. The top photo is a teaser from Xpeng and the second one is obviously a spy shot. Bot photos show what could end up being a pretty futuristic design.

I always thought the simple minivan shape should lend itself to very modern designs, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case. There were hopes in the 90s with the Toyota Previa, which still looks modern today. And the likes of the Pontiac Trans Sport and its cousins from Chevrolet and Oldsmobile. They were all trying to push the envelope and unfortunately, were all replaced by much more conservative designs. The current Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey and sad reminders of how generic and conservative that segment has become…

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