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As you can see from this new official teaser, we won’ have to wait too long to see the new Toyota Century SUV.

As mentioned before, this will only be a “Century” in name, since it will be based on the new Toyota Grand Highlander. Although Toyota will do its best to make it look like an SUV version of the famous classic RWD sedan currently in production.

I hate to say it, but that ridiculous-looking “Phoenix Logo” might have to go if the new SUV is sold outside of Japan. At least to me, this looks like a character from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Not something representing a super expensive high-end vehicle.

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  1. You may not like the logo, but the design and symbolism aren’t really intended for Western purchasers.

    The Century is a statement about traditional Japanese values and craftsmanship. Which is why on the current version of the car, the ‘Looney Tunes’ badge is hand-engraved from billet alloy, a process that takes six weeks.

    I don’t know whether the SUV will prove to be a cynical marketing exercise, but the sedan is a spectacular automobile by any standard. I’m interested to see if the SUV will measure up.

  2. The Phoenix logo is part of traditional Japanese iconography. They would never export it to the West because it would not be understood. The incredible Japanese craftsmanship build quality, however, could also be appreciated by us

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