2024 BMW X2/iX2

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Since we saw a new BMW X1 last year, it’s time for a new X2. And of course, as expected, it is something quite ghastly to witness.

Replacing the rather cute previous generation is a turtle-like shape with a huge amount of black plastic trim. Like if BMW was competing with Subaru about who will use the most black plastic crap on their cars. But, as I said, it is quite expected. There is nothing classy or cute about this new design. It’s just rough, unfinished, and borderline vulgar.

The red one is the EV version we will not be getting. Apparently, we will still be getting the regular “Gas powered” X2. Even though sales have been under 2500 units in the US.

All I can say is good luck…

I really think this was much better.

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  1. This looks and is basically the same thing as the Fiat Fastback, which is an interesting vehicle. You should post a pic comparing both because they are very similar!

  2. It’s like everything above the wheels isn’t attached to the rest of the vehicle and could fall off at any time. I think it’s the wheel arches. It looks like 2 of them. You have the one in the wheel arch, a flat arch, then everything above. The flat arch makes it look like it’s the separator of two half’s of the car. Especially carrying over the crease from front to back.

  3. What a hideous POS. Those two huge black hemorrhoids in the lower butt are just totally uncalled for. Their front end grille designs get worse with every new model release.

    Well I guess all those former Pontiac designers finally found a home.

  4. What’s up with the Chevy taillights? I know BMW designers want to be edgy…but cheap doesn’t cut it for BMW $$$$.

  5. Interesting redesign! The greenhouse shape stayed the same and everything changed around it. At least something was consistent.

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