2025 Cadillac Vistiq.

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GM had mentioned a few months ago they would unveil 3 new Cadillac EV models in 2023, and they did.

The 2025 Vistiq is the last new Cadillac we will see this year. After the launch of the big Cadillac Escalade IQ and the smaller Optiq a few weeks ago, we now have the 3-row Vistiq, which is the EV equivalent to the XT6 SUV.

I think the new Vistiq is better looking than the big Escalade IQ, which looks as obnoxious as the regular ICE Escalade. Just like the XT6, the Vistiq is probably very roomy (even more so than the XT6). There is a Cadillac IQ influence in the rear design, which is also in the smaller Optiq. But in general, I think the new model looks pretty good. And much nicer than the XT6.

As far as pricing, Cadillac has plenty of room under the $ 130,000 Escalade IQ. The Lyriq starts at around $ 58,000. I would assume the new Vistiq could probably start at around $ 70,000, or more. At this price, it would compete against the Rivian R1S. But even against the Kia EV9, it is priced up to around $ 74,000.

While it looks fine, I was still expecting more from Cadillac’s new EV family. They had a chance to really do something exceptional and new, and they didn’t. The Lyriq looked very new when it was introduced, but after years of delay and parts shortages, it looks OK. The Optiq seems pretty weird in the photos Cadillac released, and, I guess the Escalade IQ is just what Escalade customers want.

Nothing really new…

Here is the short official word from Cadillac : ” Cadillac continued to expand its electric vehicle portfolio today with confirmation of the VISTIQ. Slotted between LYRIQ and ESCALADE IQ, VISTIQ is a distinctive and innovative luxury three-row SUV, designed for the modern family.

“VISTIQ adds another compelling EV to the Cadillac lineup, reinforcing our commitment to an electric future,” said John Roth, vice president of Global Cadillac. “Our brand now has an EV entry in most luxury segments, offering customers a range of choices, and Cadillac EVs will cover most luxury SUV segments across critical global markets in the next two years.”

Additional VISTIQ details, including available features and pricing, will be released next year.

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  1. Looks like it’s in the Goldilocks zone and gives room to the rest of the lineup. The CT4 and CT5 are hanging on for dear life, but I’m sure they have one EV sedan that will slot under the Celestiq right around the corner. They better hold onto their ICE products as EV sales aren’t doing great because of lack of infrastructure (people in the market for these aren’t concerned with price)

  2. Cadillac is testing the waters. What you want to see is coming just wait for it. In my world (Nothing outruns a Caddy!)

    David Seals
    Tom Peacock
    Cadillac #1
    Houston, Texas

  3. I love the look and style. I’d love to see a van in a Cadillac like style as well in the near future I hope.

  4. Where they getting all this high pricing. Who really can afford these EV. Or new vehicles. I’ve been riding and driving Cadillac fir 54 years now there to much I’m nit spending these high prices so Cadillac have lost 3 generation of buyers.

  5. I would like to see GM retro a Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 and the Calais. Let’s not leave out BAD BOY . MR. (GRAND NATIONAL) BUICK REGAL.

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