2025 Toyota Camry.

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After seeing the US 2025 Toyota Camry a few months ago, and the Chinese market version of the new Camry a few days ago, today we have photos of the European version. Which is pretty much the same car as the one we will soon get here.

Unlike the Chinese market Camry, (bottom photo) the European version gets the same interior as the US model. Although on the official photo from Toyota, the center screen looks a bit different (3rd pic from bottom). It seems to have a much thinner bezel. And also doesn’t appear to be as wide as the one in the US model. Or maybe the photo shows a lower-end version. Specs are very similar since the new Camry will also be a Hybrid-only affair in Europe. Powered by a 2.5 Liter engine paired with electric motors for a total of 231HP. Which is a bit more than the 225HP of the US version. Although our new AWD model is rated at 232HP.

While the Camry has been a huge seller in the US for decades, that’s not the case in Europe. In the US, Toyota still sold over 290,000 of them last year and over 295,000 in 2022. While European sales totaled only 5,642 units in 2022.

The Camry is a big car in Europe. Usually, sedans that size are usually luxury cars. The only times I’ve seen Camrys in my European travels have been as taxis. Where they actually seem very popular. Toyota hybrids seem to have replaced many of the good old diesel taxis from Mercedes, Peugeot, and Opel in Europe in the past few years. I guess this is where all the 5,642 European Carmys went…

Even though it is not a popular car over there, Toyota figures it’s worth it to sell the new model…

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  1. Vince, can you include the header photo in the articles? It seems like now the photo on the main page is to grab attention and then the photos inside after you click in are more mundane. (i.e. the front view of the Camry isn’t available in the article here)

  2. Body style looks the same and it looks good so why reduce or replace something that works fine. Maintenance, performance,comfortability, convenience, cost effective, and a number of positive comments about the vehicle is better that just talking about looks. If a person has one thing wrong about some, would it change your mind totally about a car. So let it go. If you like the car, but it. If you don’t like the car, leave it at the dealership. I’ve purchased three in my lifetime and they were GREAT cars, no problem. And I’ll probably buy a fourth. And I’m looking at a Toyota Tundra.

  3. Michael Oliver, some people purchase vehicles solely based on style and looks. Maintenance, performance, comfortability, convenience, cost effective are secondary and that’s fine. To each his own. One option is not better than the other. You prefer to purchase vehicles on the criteria you listed. That doesn’t make your choices “better.” It just makes them different. What’s “better” is adopting an attitude of tolerance for choices that differ from yours, instead of being dismissive (If you don’t like the car, leave it at the dealership) of ideas that are not inline with yours.

  4. Blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert are no longer standard on the 2024 Camry le and se. I think that is a big mistake on th the part of Toyota. These features are standard on other brands such as Hyundai and Honda.

  5. Allan, I strongly agreed with you all Cars now a days should come with Blind spot monitoring.

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