B.Y.D U7 & Pickup truck.

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The Chinese company B.Y.D has just become the world’s largest producer of EVs in 2023. With over 3 million cars produced, including 1.4 million PHEVs.

And that is without selling cars in North America. However, they do have US headquarters in Los Angeles and have been building electric buses for the US market in Lancaster since 2014. They started selling cars in Mexico last year, and they have been selling cars in Europe since 2022 and will build a local factory in Hungary.

After this phenomenal growth in just a few years, they are now working on a top-of-the-line luxury sedan called the U7. It obviously looks a bit like the Lucid Air, and is rumored to cost around $140 000! For that amount, you will be getting 4 motors and 1000HP, of course.

What else are they working on? A pickup truck of course.A model that was rumored to be introduced by the end of 2023. I guess it’s a bit late…

These are the main B.Y.D models in Europe, called the Seal and Dolphin. Starting at $ 30,000 Euros, the Dolphin is mostly competing against the VW ID.3 in Europe. While the new Seal sedan has its eyes on the Tesla Model 3. In Germany, the Seal is priced at around 2000 Euros above the Tesla Model 3 RWD, or 45 000 Euros. And so far, most reviews have mentioned the Seal was a good first effort at best. While others claim the Seal is actually pretty close in many ways to the Model 3.

The point is, that it is a first-generation car. And who knows how good the next one will be in just a few years. With over 3 million cars sold worldwide (and over 3.6 million expected in 2024), B.Y.D will become a serious threat to all car manufacturers soon. Unlike other car makers, they produce every part of the car themselves, except for tires and windows. Not only do they produce the batteries but they also operate the lithium mines and lithium processing. They even make the chips used in the cars.

Will we all drive cars made by B.Y.D. in a few years?

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