2024 VW ID.4.

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VW is telling us they have revised the IS.4 EV for 2024, and at first glance, it’s hard to tell.

The ID.4 started production 4 years ago and I think it still looks very nice. And in my opinion, much more modern than anything else in their sad-looking US lineup. It got a few improvements last year and it’s good to see VW making the ID.4 even more attractive.

For 2024, it is available in 3 versions, Entry, S, and S Plus. In 2023, they used to offer Standard, Pro, S, Pro S, and even a Pro S Plus version. Which seemed like quite a mess. These new models can be ordered with a choice of a 62kWh or 82kWh battery. With RWD or AWD. For 2024, there is a brand new electric motor for the RWD large battery version producing 282HP, which is a big 82HP improvement over last year. (201HP with the smaller battery). The AWD versions now produce 335HP.

The versions with the larger battery now get a new slightly larger 12.9-inch screen with illuminated sliders (finally). S Plus models with the large battery now come with a new 9-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with a subwoofer. New wheels are up to 21 inches on the S Plus models.

The smaller battery is rated at 206 miles. While the larger unit now gets 296 miles. (263 miles with AWD). The charging speed is 140 kW for the smaller battery and 175 kW for the larger one.

Prices start at $ 39,735 for the 62kWh model and $5000 more for the larger battery. Which is still a lot. Although it does come with more power and a few other things. The Tenesse-built VW ID.4 qualifies for the $7500 federal incentive.

The ID.4 isn’t breaking any ground but it’s quite attractive and I haven’t heard of horror stories from owners. At least it seems better than other VW models. Although many US VW owners have had terrible experiences in the past and would never buy one again…

Around $ 40,000 to start also seems pretty competitive.

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  1. The only issue I’ve hear of for the ID4 was the software, which was quite bad. But they’ve working on it and if they can work out the kinks and do some advertising, this could be a big hit for them.

  2. I owned 3 GTI’s, a Golf and leased a 2015 Passat. They were very reliable with virtually no issues. I put 185K on my 87 GTI which I autocrossed for 5 yrs. My 08 GTI had 155K and my 2015 Golf 1.8 had 145K on it. All cars had the original clutch, shocks and rear brakes. My 23 GTI S has a sub par infotainment system, but is otherwise a good car.

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