2026 Chevrolet Malibu PHEV.

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Chevrolet Malibu PHEV illustration.

Earlier last year, there were a few rumors about an all-new generation Chevrolet Malibu coming in 2025.

As far back as December 2022, it was reported the new generation would start production in early 2025, using a modified version of the recurrent car’s platform, which would be just fine since that’s what everyone is doing these days. Since GM decided to re-use the same powertrain for the 2025 Chevrolet Equinox, I am sure the same thing will happen in the next Malibu. Which, again, is fine. I test-drove the current Malibu a few years ago and it was a very comfortable, smooth sedan. The 1.5 Liter and CVT worked very well for most use. I even think the combo works better in GM cars than in Honda models like the Civic or Accord.

The big news would be for GM to offer a PHEV version of the new sedan. Which is something no one else has in the US. GM just mentioned a few days ago that new PHEV models are coming soon to the US. The new 2025 Equinox is the most obvious choice since a PHEV version is already offered in China. That exact same powertrain could easily be transferred to a new-generation Malibu sedan.

A Malibu PHEV would give GM a big advantage over its competition. The 2025 Camry is already a hybrid-only model. And the Accord will probably follow soon. But none of these are offered with a PHEV power train. I am not sure what kind of pure EV range can be expected from the Equinox PHEV or Malibu PHEV, but many years ago, the Chevrolet Volt was already getting over 50 miles. Of course, the Volt was not an SUV, but let’s hope GM tech has also improved in that area over the years.

I really think an affordable Chevrolet Malibu PHEV with maybe 60 miles or more of EV range could be quite a hit…

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  1. A couple things…. First, the Volt got WAAAY smaller and thinner than the original in the second generation. Talks about GM making the Malibu a tweener (ie. smaller) is a mistake. It should be roughly on the same platform size as the current Malibu. Second, the issue with all cars getting lowered rooflines needs to stop. This is driving people to SUVs. These are meant to be everyday driver vehicles, not sporty vehicles. And everyone I know likes the easier access. So instead of lower the roof, make the rest of the car slick to the wind and I mean investing in decent understructure that includes rolled lift points that dont destroy the plastic covers when the car goes in for service. Same for oil changes. Lastly, for this Malibu, three trims should be offered: ICE, hybrid, and PHEV. The reason – a lot of people that buy the Malibu do it bcuz of its price. This offers the movement upward while still providing a low entry price. And they wont use a
    turbo for the PHEV’s charging engine. And, this is their only sedan, so…. Hopefully, the front will look as good and clean as the illustration. Good luck, GM.

  2. Viewing the arrival of the 2025 Chevy Malibu PHEV,I am Impressed by the styling,the statistics of the EV model. Mainly how Chevrolet keeps coming back year after year with the innovative know how and keeping up with the Joanzes on the overall sheik styling.The 2025 Chevy Impala(not shown)is my overall favorite.#KEEPITMOVINCHEVROLET

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