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A few weeks ago Mazda finally introduced the long-awaited new 5-seater Mazda CX-70 SUV. It didn’t take long for the press to realize the new CX-70 was the exact same car as last year’s CX-90, minus the third-row seat. Which was a puzzling move from Mazda. Creating a specific model for the 2-row version of the exact same car is just plain odd and seems like a very strange decision from a confused company.

Now we have the official pricing for the CX-70, and things are even more confusing. Since, as you can see above, the new 2-row CX-70 is priced at the exact same price as its 3-row CX-90 equivalent. The 3-row CX-90 even has a cheaper “select” version not available on the CX-70. Otherwise, all other similar versions are exactly the same price. You just get a few more choices with the CX-90.

This is the weirdest pricing decision ever. Also effectively killing the 5 seater CX-70. Since who would ever choose less for more money? Who would pick a 5-seat version of the exact same car instead of the possibility to seat more people once in a while, for the exact same price? As we mentioned before, both the CX-70 and CX-90 are exactly the same size with the exact same wheelbase. Mazda is effectively giving buyers a 3rd-row seat for free.

And I am not even talking about that insane $9000 premium for the Hybrid models.

Of course, the CX-70 is a 2025 model, while the CX-90 is still a 2024. That means Mazda could raise the price of the CX-90 in a few months for the 2025 model year. Still, this is just such a waste of resources from a small company that should really be more careful with their money.

This makes no sense at all. And really, sends a bad message about the whole brand. it shows a confused company that just doesn’t know what to do right now.

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  1. Wow. This is nuts. And a whole lotta trim levels. I’m just shaking my head that this company wasted so much time over launching the CX-90 and CX-70 as separate cars, when really they should have just called it the CX-90, and made the 3rd row a series of trim levls. That would have given them more time to introduce the CX-60 (which is already available in Europe) as an actually different model, instead of this nonsensical shell game. I would say, it probably was the NorthAmerican Mazda, not HQ that made this idiotic decision. The only reason I could think of NOT to do that (bring the CX-60) is if they were planning to remove the CX-5 and sub-in the CX-60 for it, moving it upmarket or positioning space for hybrids. Then leaving the CX-50, CX-30 etc… for the 4 cylinder engine grouping. Honestly, who TF knows whats going on. I just know that the Mazda3 seems DOA here. They need a decent Mazda 6 that is better sized (the last one was way too big outside, and too small inside).

  2. Doubt it was Mazda North America, CX. Mazda USA barely acknowledged this vehicle was going to revealed, only Mazda Canada seemed to promote, albeit with a half hearted countdown just a little while before the debut.
    Given the long delay between announcing the 90 and this, for seemingly no reason it smells of the Japanese bosses pulling an audible, an abrupt change of plans that left North America with no option but to try and make a different model with next to no budget.

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