VW ID.7 S.

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The new VW ID.7 S was previewed last year as the “VW ID.Next.”

I guess something happened since and VW decided to call the new EV sedan “ID.7 S” instead. This is a VW model for the Chinese market built by SAIC VW, while FAW VW is building the “regular” ID.7.

Last April, VW introduced the ID.7 in China and previewed the ID. Next (now ID.S) with a prototype covered by the usual psychedelic wrap(3rd pic). It looked pretty close to the regular ID.7. However, we now have photos of the real thing, and it’s obvious the ID.7 S has a completely different design from the ID.7, and all the body panels are new. I think the result is a much more modern and cleaner design.

It is still not a paragon of originality, but at least, it does seem a bit more modern, especially up front. There are no official specs about the new car yet, but it’s safe to expect they will be very similar to the ID.7. Same thing with the interior design.

Again, it seems the Chinese market is getting a nicer-looking car…

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  1. VW dealers are on the edge of a revolt. Audi too. Only Porsche seems to have enough automony from the terrible leadership to make products that are succeeding in the market.

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