DeLorean DMC24.

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I had seen these photos before, but they are, at least to me, still interesting. Showing us a glimpse of what could have been. What could have been if DeLorean had been successful…

This was decades before Tesla, and DeLorean was already planning to expand the brand into a four-seater model. The famous 2-door DMC 12 was produced between 1981 and 1982. In the end, fewer than 9000 cars were produced.

The brand had commissioned Giorgio Giugiaro again (who designed the DMC12) to come up with a 4-seater car. As you can see from the prototype photos above, the new model still only had 2 doors. 2 huge doors giving access to 4 seats.

Unfortunately, DeLorean never made it to see a second model being produced. In 1982, Giugiaro used most of the DeLorean concept to build the Lamborghini Marco Polo concept. You can see they are not exactly the same designs, but most of the work done for the DMC24 remains in the Marco Polo.

Sadly, the Marco Polo was never produced either.

These days, every time I see a new Tesla or Rivian model, I still think of DeLorean. These days it seems Fisker might soon meet the same fate. Which would be so unfortunate.

So far, Fisker has produced over 10,000 units of the Ocean SUV, which is actually not much more than DeLorean…

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