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Nissan Xterra illustration.

It looks like we now have new rumors about a possible return of the Nissan Xterra.

A couple of Nissan execs have recently mentioned that a next-generation Xterra SUV is “actively being considered”. Which is basically a code word for “we’re working on it”. They wouldn’t mention it at all otherwise.

A new Xterra makes a lot of sense. While the illustration above is pretty wild and optimistic, a new Xterra would have to be cheap. Nissan execs have also said “authentic” and “a serious truck” when describing the project.

A truck-based new SUV from Nissan would almost have to be based on the current Frontier pickup. Which isn’t a compact truck anymore. An SUV body on that platform would be pretty big. And quite expensive since the most basic pickup model is already above $ 30,000.

Another solution is to sell the new Dacia Duster (from Renault) over here as the Nissan Xterra. (Something I mentioned a few months ago).

The Duster looks great, it’s a good off-road vehicle, and it’s not expensive starting at around $ 22,000 in Europe. At 171 inches long, it’s pretty compact. About 7 inches shorter than the original Xterra. Or about the size of the new 2025 Nissan Kicks.

But really, imagine a really good off-road compact yet roomy Nissan SUV for under $ 25,000 or so. Isn’t it what the Xterra was all about in the first place?

Here is the new Dacia Duster. A Renault product Nissan could (should) import over here as the next Xterra. And why not?

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  1. Yes the Frontier is bigger now, but honestly what’s stopping them from still using it… in shrunken form. Isn’t the Nissan Terra sold overseas based on the Frontier/Navara? A next generation model based on the upcoming next generation Navara is likely coming soon. What’s stopping Nissan from bringing this potential next gen model here as the X-Terra?

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