2024 Buick Envision.

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Buick first released a couple of photos of the 2024 Envision last June, with no news since. Now it is expected this summer, and Buick has released new photos of the revised model.

Especially the ST version, with its black trim. Unlike the luxurious Avenir trim, the ST has no chrome and black wheels. For 2024, the main difference outside is the adoption of Buick’s new face and logo. And I think that new front end looks great on the Envision. I know everyone is talking about the new affordable Envista, but I personally think the Envision looks much better. Especially the 2024 model.

I always thought the current Envision had a nice interior until I saw the new 2024 interior. The most obvious change is the super widescreen, but the whole dashboard and most of the console have been redesigned. And the whole thing looks great. I even like that dark burgundy interior color on the ST model pictured here.

There are 3 trims to pick from, Preferred, ST, and Avenir. Preferred starts at $37,300, ST at $39,800, and Avenir at $48,400.

While the 2023 Preferred trim started at $34,800 for the FWD model and $38,400 with AWD, AWD is now standard, which means the Envision AWD is actually a bit cheaper than before. The 2023 Avenir AWD trim was priced at $48,500, which is basically the same as the revised model.

The only engine available is the same 2.0 Liter Turbo with 228HP. Although that new PHEV powertrain from the Chinese market Chevrolet Equinox PHEV would probably work great here too.

While the Envision isn’t that crazy expensive, it’s a big step up in price from the Encore GX, which starts at $25,600. And tops at around $33, 500 for the Avenir trim. It’s also about $7000 more than the cheaper Toyota RAV-4 AWD model available. For some odd reason, it is also about the same price as its platform cousin the Cadillac XT4, starting at $38,000. ( I guess that 27.5% tariff on Chinese car import

The Buick Envision has always been in a weird spot, in between mainstream SUVs like the Toyota RAV-4 and more upscale ones like the Acura RDX. Although with over 44,000 sold, it had one of its best years in 2023. Or about 5000 units more than the Acura RDX. The Buick Envision is still exclusively built in China, where it routinely sells over 130,000 units year after year.

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