2025 Ford Equator.

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The Ford Equator is a 7-seater SUV we don’t have in North America.

It came out in 2021 and is mostly built in China, but also in Vietnam. A shorter 5-seater version is available as well and is sold under the “Territory” or “Equator Sport” names.

From the photos above, you can tell the 2025 model will be available with a new PHEV option. Featuring a battery by CATL and a 1.5 Liter Turbo engine with an electric motor.

The new PHEV is part of a mid-cycle refresh. With redesigned front and rear ends. At first, I thought this was a Kia Telluride. Which is OK, you could copy worse things than a Telluride. But a bit sad at the same time. You’d think a company like Ford would want to keep a more distinctive look…

I guess not. At least not in China…

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  1. I’m really glad they pulled a Cherokee and put the headlights back where they belong!

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