Future Alpine lineup.

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I have to say, this is a bit disappointing.

Of course, we all know the Alpine “sub-brand” is coming up with an all-new lineup of cars and SUVs. And that it is also coming to the US, for some reason. But the photo above from an official presentation seems to show some rather odd-looking designs.

Top left we have of course the Alpine A290 which is the sportiest version of the new Renault 5 EV. And that will probably look great. But these other coupes and convertible models just look odd. At least on this weird picture anyway. Two new coupes and a convertible?

Then there is yet another coupe. And two SUVs. it seems the largest SUV planned is also missing from this.

The first of the new lineup will be the new Renault 5-based A290, coming out later this year. Of course, the cute A290 is not planned for the US. For some reason, Alpine has been recently caught testing the older ICE A110 model in the US. However, the A110 EV successor will be sold over here. And both coupe and convertible versions will be available.

The US invasion will start in 2027. Besides the new A110 EV coupe and convertible, a 4-door sedan is also planned. As well as, you guessed it, a couple of SUVs.

Let’s hope all these end up looking better than what we can see in that photo…

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