Rolls Royce Cullinan Series 2.

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Did one of the ugliest vehicles on the road become even uglier? I think so…

The Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV came out back in 2018. Already. For over 6 years this monstreous thing has been roaming the earth. And since taste doesn’t come with money, it pretty much immediately became the brand’s best-selling model.

After 6 years, Rolls Royce thought they could change a few things to keep the Cullinan fresh. And why not? Except it is now uglier than ever. While the front grille looks a bit more modern and more in line with Rolls Royce’s newer models, these new ELD lights look gimmicky and just plain weird.

I guess they thought the rear end was perfection incarnated since it looks pretty much the same. While in reality, this is maybe the worst rear-end design in any car today. And still is. At least it doesn’t seem much worse.

In case your friends and neighbors couldn’t tell you’re driving a new Rolls, the grille is now illuminated for a truly obnoxious effect no one will ever forget.

The interior is revised with, guess what? A much larger screen.

The revised pricing hasn’t been announced yet but the 2023 model started at over $ 376,000.

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