2025 Rolls Royce Cullinan.

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The $400,000 Cullinan SUV has to be the ugliest Rolls-Royce ever produced, by far.

It is an insult to the brand and a shrine to vulgarity. And yet, it is also, by far, the best-selling Rolls Royce model. Of course, since, SUVs…

For the 2025 model year, Rolls Royce will change a few things here and there. As you can see, the front end has been redesigned. With a larger grille that seems a bit more conventional. And with what could end up being super cheezy-looking LED lights around the headlights.

Unfortunately, the rear end doesn’t seem to change much. I guess there isn’t much to do to improve things besides a total redesign. That horrible mess back there with its tiny fake trunk-looking hatch is just amazingly pathetic and actually sad to look at. I am actually still shocked every time I see one driving around.

Of course, Rolls Royce deserves better than this. If you have over $300,000 to waste on a car, you can still order their other sedan models or the new Spectre EV coupe. All are much better looking and truly classier designs. And you’ll impress your less fortunate friends, neighbors, and family members just the same.

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