About that all new Rolls Royce Phantom…

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 I posted a picture of the current model below the brand new one.
Since it is pretty much the only way to tell the new car apart.

The proportions are actually quite different. The new model also looks a lot simpler.

And it looks like they’ve done away with bumpers. Completely!
(Have the bumper laws completely been eliminated overnight??? Why???)

I also wonder why there is no good official picture of the car. I mean, this is the big Rolls! It’s not like England doesn’t have great photo locations for the most expensive sedan in the world.
Why release these horrible pix???

Even worse for the interior.
Why would Rolls Royce even show that horrible color combo?
This looks like a car the Joker drives. What the hell???

We are talking about one of the most expensive car in the world and the official pictures make it look like a movie prop joke!

I will try to find better pix (or not) soon. 

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  1. Someone needs to teach you about focal length, Vince! You often comment on proportions being different when it is in fact the lens used to take the photograph. If you are far away and zoom in on the car (as in with the 2nd pic of the old Phantom) the car looks flatter and the overhangs are exaggerated, you can see the centre line of the car.
    In the first pic of the new car the photographer was closer to the car with a wider angle lens which hides the overhangs. Hope this helps.

  2. I for one think this new Rolls is gorgeous, I love the simplicity of it, no fussy lines all about. Its very elegant. Now the interior, I agree could have been better…

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