Rolls Royce Spectre video.

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This is an official video from Rolls Royce showing the all-new Spectre EV. (With some added discerning comments)

The new Spectre is Rolls Royce‘s first EV. It has a range of up to 290 miles. Which isn’t the best, but no one will take this on a road trip anyway. At over $ 420,000, this is a car you buy to show off.

It does its best to look expensive and ensure people know you are driving a car costing the price of a house in many parts of the country (And most parts of the world). I hear it’s wonderful to drive, as it should be. But spending that much money on a car is actually pretty nauseating these days.

There is a lot of good you can do with over $ 420,000. Including buying yourself a luxury car for under $ 150,000 or less. And do something good with the $ 270,000 you have left.

At least, unlike the ghastly Cullinan, the Rolls Royce Spectre does look good.

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