Pontiac G6 coupe/convertible

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Nothing super new here. That picture is a scan from an official Pontiac brochure.

But the big news isn’t the coupe, but the convertible. It is the 1st US branded affordable hard top convertible…

That means the next Sebring will have to compete by also using a hard top convertible.

The G6 sedan is a good looking car, but somehow it suffers from the same problem the new Mustang does: It just doesn’t stand out!

I have seen a few of them already, and they blend in traffic even more than a Camry!

And it seems GM is serious about going after Toyota, by offering Sedan, Coupe and Convertible versions of the same car.

Just what Toyota has been doing with the Camry.

So where is the G6 based Wagon/SUV to go against the Highlander???

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