2006 Mazda 5

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It’s finally coming to the US!

It has the same engine as the base Mazda 6, a 2.3Liter with 160hp.

Which is OK compared to a PT Cruiser or a Toyota Matrix. But, as you can see, it pretends to be able to seat 7!

And that can be pretty heavy…

The package seesm really nice and the design pretty modern. But it still looks like a Minivan .

Which is the kiss of death for most people!

But there is nothing like it on the market.

It looks good inside and out.

It can seat seven

Should be under $20 000

Has a smooth and refined engine (unlike the Chrysler)

Let’s hope they market it as something new and different, more like the PT.

But the Chvey HHR is coming at the end of the year! And at a starting price of $18000, it should be really tought to beat. Even if it seats only 5…

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