The $65 000 Nissan Murano

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That’s right!

That about how much it costs in Europe! It starts at around 58 000Euros.( loaded though…). That’s over $20 000 more than in the US!

Everything is the same, except the spaces for the licence plates, of course.

But really, with a huge (by European standards) 3.5 Liter engine, no diesel, and priced against European established players like the BMW X5 and Mercedes M class, who is going to by this over there????

Only a few rich, excentric yuppies who want to drive something different at any cost.

Is Nissan really thinking they can make any money with this?

The only interior modification I can spot is the console and the radio unit.(top photo)

The navigation system controls are also in a new place. Does that mean these changes are coming over here next year?

Or were thay already implemented for 2005?

(Bottom photo is the US model)

I’m just not sure….

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  1. It’s not the only hoax we get from America. The Chrysler Neon, in your country considered as economy car, costs over $20,000 over here. For the money you get high quality midsize cars like Vectra, Mondeo or C5. Grey importers could use the weak dollar and import Muranos from America for a lot less money.

    Martin from Yurop

  2. It’ not the only hoax we get from over the ocean. The Chrysler Neon, for instance, costs over $20,000 here, as much as high quality Opel Vectra, Ford Mondeo or Citroën C5! No wonder only a few hundred are sold yearly throughout Europe.

  3. The posting was a bit late, so I wrote it two times. You can delete the second one. Sorry.


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