Acura RD-X

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The RD-X is a preview of the 2006 RDX car based SUV Acura will introduce soon.

Usually, Acura shows concepts that are actually 99% close to the production car.

Let’s hope this is the case with this one.

But the interior, unfortunately, looks very much like a concept.

It just looks too good for a production car from Honda. But the RL does look great.

So there might be hope for this one.

And the one piece semi-glass roof would also be a good idea. An improvement on what Nissan offers on the Maxima.

This should be really good car anyway. The production model will use the great 2.4Liter engine from the TSX.

The TSX being around $26 000, this should be a little more when it comes out.

We should know around April what the production version will look like…

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