Future Mitsubishis

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Mitsubishi just announced a new deal with French car maker Peugeot/Citroen.

There seems to also be a strange connection with Nissan. I mean strange because Nissan is run by rival Renault (???).

Seems like Mitsubishi will provide Peugeot with an all new SUV.

From these pictures here, this production ready concept is obviously a Mitsubishi version of that project…

But it looks much nicer already than the Outlander we have in the US.

Not great, but better.

It’s kind of funny that they don’t get the basics: they need something drastic to make a come back. Like Nissan did.

But they seem to be doing the same thing over and over. Putting out new models that are just barely

more exiting than the previous ones…

They claim they are still on track to produce this small car by 2007.

A truly modern design that seems to be based on the Smart Forfour. A deal that dates back when Mitsubishi and

Mercedes were partners.


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